Postcapitalist Futures

This classic painting by Delacroix points to the era of the bourgeois revolution moving into a socialist future in the 1848 period, the era of Marx and Engels and the first challenges to the suddenly crystallizing capitalist order. It tokens our idea of The Red-fortyeight Group as a superset of liberal, socialist and communist groups, factions, parties and their futures in our own time as the prophecy of the Last Revolution takes shape at a moment of global system collapse.

Toward a New Communist Manifesto

The Crisis of Capitalist Globalization At a time of social crisis, the classic Manifesto of Marx and Engels in the era of the 1848 revolutions resonates with an eerie relevance for the age of neoliberalism and dangerous climate change. The clever fiction of the end of history is exposed as an artifice of philosophic legerdemain, Hegel from the bottom of the deck. The original tour de force would be a hard act to follow, but in reality, our ‘new’ manifesto is a studied echo of the old brought to its real future, via the prophetic desperation of two revolutionaries before their time. The era of the 1848 upheavals, in the last tremors of the mighty French Revolution, has been called a turning point in world history, but one which failed to turn. It is an ironic aspect of our current era that this ‘revolution manqué’ is an apt metaphor for our own predicament. It threw down the gage to the future of the whole of industreality. That remarkable period of revolt was a shot over the bows of the capitalist revolution unfolding toward its long march to globalization, with the problematical outcome of its success beset once again with the haunting realization the failure to turn is a world of markets going mad. A rational limit or else overthrow of the new capitalist affair might have spared the planetary community much suffering, but now the issue goes into the critical zone, as the crisis reaches a point of no return. And that moment has a symbolic significance in terms of a larger view of world history. Toward a New Communist Manifesto Democratic Market neo-communism At a time of developing climate catastrophe, it is important to bring to the fore the challenge of revolutionary change. There is no reason why this can’t be followed with an electoral path, but the implications are and remain that of constitutional renewal. This approach, even as it can and should inform mainstream activist logic working on issue initiatives and electoral options, is a discipline of thinking on problems holistically, involving social, economic, constitutional and political perspectives in the context of a totalitarian capitalist regime, with global domination as its keynote. Our perspective is thus both nationalistic and internationalist. The times require the dangerous passage of revolutionary regime change, even if this provokes an apparently unrealistic goal, and this must at least be contemplated as a potential option. Democratic_Market_Neo_Communism) Capitalism is not an option  The debates on the left and with the public over capitalism have been contentious and mostly have failed to convince. But we are entering a new situation, fraught with danger, planetary danger, in the escalating crisis of climate change and its core capitalist culprit. A remarkable moment has arrived: the capitalist economic process has turned malevolent and threatens to terminate the history of man. Its unstoppable character and the ideological hard hypnosis it has induced has emerged all too clearly in the Trump era with its deliberate blindness to any idea of global warming. And we have two wonder if a Trump’s imitator like Bolsonaro is so gripped in the madness of capitalist obsession that he is renewing the attack on the Amazon Basin out of sheer wilful spit of the critics of capitalist depredation.  We can see clearly now that the debate is over, Bolsonaros and Trumps or not, we are pressed whatever we thought to somehow conceive a path to postcapitalism. And here even the left seems unready as the capitalist vise tightens in scofflaw indifference to the one-way path over the Falls.  Many determined leftists have long upheld their seemingly useless efforts against capitalist pleading. Now who can listen any longer. The future is clear: postcapitalism or nothing. The last-ditch compromises of capitalism will waste a little more time as the Bolsonaro fiddle with the forest burn but soon the last capitalist idiot standing will have to face facts, desperately turning up the dial on the air-conditioner…Capitalism is not an option Stages of production theory: A system of epochs done right  Marxists are devoted students of socialism but they are stuck in a treadmill of bad theories that cloud the many better insights of Marx’s thinking. Marx exudes an aura of being super smart but his work is mired in the stupidities of the era of reductionist scientism. He almost saw through Darwinism and grasped its problem at a first glance but then kowtowed to his sidekick Engels and embraced the fatal dose of a second pseudo-science. In the end, Marx comes off as almost stupid in his obsession with his theories. That work was one thing in the Second International period, but now the left needs to move on. The series of economic epochs is not useful anymore. Marx, let us note, had never heard of Sumer. The revolution in archaeology makes older epochal histories obsolete. Stages of production theory: A system of epochs done right